How can physiotherapy help my animal?

Animals are unable to tell us they need treatment, so you may have noticed that they are not quite right, possibly limping on a walk or stiff when they get up. They may be paying more attention to a part of their body than usual. It is important that they are checked over first by your veterinary surgeon, who will then be able to refer them for physiotherapy.

Chartered Physiotherapists are trained to assess and treat a wide variety of musculo-skeletal problems. Physiotherapy can be used for working, competition or racing animals to help them reach their full physical potential and avoid injury; most commonly it is used to help rehabilitate an animal following a trauma or surgical procedure.

Each animal will require a veterinary referral prior to assessment and treatment by me. This is because under the veterinary surgeons act 1966 animals may only be treated by a veterinary surgeon or someone authorised by a veterinary surgeon.

Signs that your dog or cat may benefit from Physiotherapy are:

  • Had recent surgery?
  • Had an injury or accident?
  • Lost the ability to jump into the car or onto a high surface?
  • Developed difficulty going up or down stairs?
  • Lost enthusiasm for playing and running?
  • Become stiff or weak?
  • Shown signs of tenderness to touch?
  • Developed an unexplainable behavioral problem?
  • Become sad or grumpy?
  • Developed arthritis or other conditions associated with old age?

Refer your animal for physiotherapy