18th February 2018 – Letter from a client, shared with permission


As you know, our Golden Retriever, Sasha, is 12 years old and has arthritis in her back legs.

Physiotherapy had been mentioned by the vets at Miramar previously but we had always been sceptical about what physiotherapy could achieve for her, if anything at all.  It was a complete unknown to us.

Almost as a last resort we took her to Sheringham to see you back in September 2017.

After assessing her you wanted to know what we realistically wanted to achieve.  We wanted a better quality of life than she was now having, we wanted some ‘quick wins’ for her.  We knew that nothing ‘earth shattering’ could happen but hoped for the best.

We cannot begin to express our thanks for the time and effort you put in with her and what you have achieved.  She gets so excited (she never liked going to the vets before) when she arrives at Sheringham for her sessions with you.  She now also demands her exercises (should we or shouldn’t we say thanks for introducing her to those treats?!) and is so much more in control of her legs having built up those muscles to support her.

Her demeanour is back to full ‘diva dog’ status and you can tell she is enjoying life again.

If anyone were ever in any doubt about physiotherapy and what it can achieve we would say please, please give it a try, it might not work for you but it has worked wonders for our old girl.  You know that we think you are the most fantastic physiotherapist and we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who would listen.

Kathryn, we could ramble on about what a good manner you have, how you can see that this is a vocation for you and how brilliant we think you are at what you do and you’re really good with the owners too.

If there is anything we can do to show the improvement you have made for Sasha of if there is anything we can do to support you then please let us know and we will try our utmost to help.

In short, we are forever grateful for the extra time we believe you have given us with Sasha and how you have helped her.  We cannot express how truly grateful we are to you and your expertise.

With hind sight, the only thing we would and could have done differently is that we would have brought her to you earlier.

Neil & Jan


“I first went to see Kathryn when my agility dog Saffie was having a few issues with jumping. Kathryn was very professional and friendly when treating Saffie and ensured I understood everything that was being done. She identified a few issues and instructed me on how I could help Saffie at home. I noticed a massive difference with Saffie and a few days later she achieved two second places and a first!”


“Physiotherapy has done Wishbone a lot of good! In the past if he had over done things he would be lame for weeks, now his episodes are over in a day or so and he is walking better with more confidence. He also really enjoys coming in to see Kathryn.”